A Bold & Delicate Time

In my little corner of the world right now the dogwoods and azaleas are all in full bloom. The flowers on these early spring trees are delicate, yet plentiful and they fill up the landscape in a way that makes me feel light-hearted and full of wonderment. The dogwood blooms are mostly white or varying shades of pink and the azaleas burst with vibrant shades of color in pinks, purples, and reds. Many of the new spring blossoms and blooms are of a more delicate nature, and it’s got me thinking about when we have new ideas or new things we want to implement in our lives and how they can be bursting and beautiful, yet delicate as well.

(Photo by Tabitha Turner)

Do you know the excitement of a new idea? When we have them they can give us an immediate sense of joy and of possibility. Maybe it’s a new art project, or a new direction in our career, or a new passion we want to pursue. Whatever it is, we might follow the new idea, start to take steps to create it and incorporate it in our lives, feeling excited and even wanting to share that excitement with others. Just like new blossoms, we must take special care with it, lest it get caught in the “frost” of an early blooming. You see, the azaleas start blooming here on those first warmer Spring days, when the weather isn’t consistently warm yet, and they are in danger of some cold nights or even a frost that could quickly hasten the experience of their glorious gift. To protect them, some people will cover the azaleas when they know the weather is going to drop and this will save the delicate flowers from a premature demise. In the same way, we want to protect our new ideas by discerning with whom we share them, especially in the beginning phases of their creation. A marvelous and beautiful yet delicate idea could be easily frosted out or cooled off by “well meaning” criticism or sharing it with someone who cannot see it for what it is and care for it properly. When we are just starting to consider and shape a new idea, it is also still new to ourselves so we’re also at risk of self-criticism or self-doubt and really only need loving support to pursue it in those early “Springtime” stages of it’s manifestation.

Azaleas are also some of the first food for pollinators like bees and butterflies. As your new ideas come into fuller fruition they will be nourishing to you too. And, slowly, thoughtfully, as their progression warms the environment of their creation, they may be nourishing to people you share them with as well. Just remember, in those early days you might want to have a “frost cover” handy to protect the beauty and the delicacy of your inspirations. As you’re thinking about where you’re headed in your life and the new things you’re excited to create, be excited, be open hearted, but hold those ideas close to you just a little while longer as they come into full bloom.

Do you have a new idea that's just starting to blossom? How can you care for it and protect it in it's early, delicate stages? Take some time this week to think about who the people are in your life that could be very supportive of you around this new creation, as well as those that you might want to keep it distanced from, at least for a little while. Our closest allies can be fully well-meaning, but have their own doubts and criticism that can easily get projected on us or our ideas. Take a moment too to notice any ways you might be prone to self-sabotage or how your deeper heart & soul might need some protection from your own ego and fearful thoughts. Their energetic patterns can feel like a kind of "pseudo-protection" since they developed out of your survival needs, so distinguishing them apart from your own truth is key to keeping your bold, yet delicate new ideas well-nourished and protected. Maybe find some friendly bees and butterflies in your life to encourage the “pollination” of those ideas out into the world.

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