Coming to Fruition

Like an apple, from seed to root to tree to flower to fruit, each season is part of a yearly cycle and each cycle has it's own point of fruition, when that seed becomes the fully formed result of it's efforts. The difference in size of a seed to an apple is not that big, but a lot happens in between the two. From that seed grows an entire tree...well rooted in the ground, growing up a strong trunk, receiving plenty of nourishment from water, minerals and sun, budding and flowering, expressing different parts of it's beauty all along the way...before becoming the fully formed fruit that provides nourishment to humans and animals, containing new seeds to start the cycle again.

(photo credit: Nathan Hulsey)

There isn't just one apple created from one tree, but many apples all unique in shape, size, & color (although the retail stores try to sell ones that look the most alike). Like a snowflake, no two are exactly alike. In fact, when we observe the natural world around us, no two things are really ever exactly the same. Even if they look, taste, smell or act similarly, each creation is entirely one of a kind and finding or creating two that are exactly the same is actually quite difficult and unlikely. Is that realization blowing your mind right now?!

As humans, we are each a unique creation and going through these cycles in our lives as well. Our cycles of growth don't always coincide exactly with the cycles of the seasons, but these cycles are there for us to use as a guide and if we consciously align with them, their natural energy can enhance the flow of our intentions to manifestation. Like the apple, if we don't form strong roots to support us and provide nourishment to sustain us, our dreams and visions may remain forever in the ether of our minds, struggling to come to fruition. People often say, "It's about the journey, not the end goal". What does that mean? Is the apple not important? Of course it is. But so many efforts from earth, sun, air, water & more are made for it to come to fruition, the apple itself not being the only "goal" that is achieved. The leaves provide oxygen, the flowers provide beauty & pollination and food for bees, the fruit provides food for birds, humans and other animals. This is just a simple start as so much more happens on a micro level as well. The same is true for our personal goals, dreams and visions that we are putting effort into realizing. We often feel like we want to get to the end result quickly or without all of the efforts that are required to get there. Or, we may be perfectly willing to put forth plenty of effort, but aren't able to appreciate and acknowledge the beauty and nourishment that each step provides us along the way. What if we each time we sowed a seed of intention, we could feel into creating a whole tree of support for our efforts to grow, blossom, & thrive from?

As we move into August and the final segment of the Summer season, nature is realizing the greenest green of it's leaves, the ripening of it's fruit, the fullest growth of life cycles achieving completion, all coming to fruition. Leaning into the natural energy of this time, we can exert any final efforts needed for the plans and goals we've made to fully become a reality. We can take some time to reflect on how we got to this point, whether it was planned exactly the way it played out or not (help from the Universe rarely unfolds exactly as we envision, but is always at our backs). We can look back at the seed we started from, recognize the roots we put down, the trunk that stabilized us and the tree that grew leaves and blossomed, ultimately providing the fruit of our passion and loving, hard work. And before we move on, let's celebrate! We can take the time to fully enjoy the fruit, take a break from all we've done, and give ourselves a big pat on the back...we deserve it. We can also use this pause to take stock of everything we've learned so we can create from it the next seed of intention that will move us forward into the next cycle of our growth and expansion.

What are some dreams, goals, plans or intentions that are coming to fruition for you right now? Take some time this week to reflect on the cycle of growth that you've experienced and what you received throughout the process. Feel into anything that you want to get more support for or provide more nourishment for in the next cycle of manifestation. And don't forget...celebrate and enjoy the fruit!

Poem by: Jeannine

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