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Creating Our Lives

As we go through our lives, there are steps along the way of how we relate to our personal journey. We may start out feeling like we are learning just how to survive. Then we go searching to find our lives and through that journey we might start to realize that we can actually create our lives the way we want them.

Such a big part of our journey depends on how we view ourselves and the world around us. There's that old adage about the glass being half full or half empty, depending on whether you're optimistic or pessimistic about your view on life. It's generally thought that the "half full" folks are optimists and the "half empty" folks are pessimists. Maybe the half empty folks aren't simply pessimistic, but just have a different take on things and come at life from a different angle. Each of us actually has a different viewpoint we approach life from. We each have survival strategies that got put in place along the way and if we've embarked on any kind of personal growth journey we usually spend a good chunk of time figuring out what those are and whether or not they still serve our best interests. Most often they no longer serve us, but they did get us through what we needed to survive. Just because we have a survival strategy pattern that no longer serves us doesn't mean the personal perspective it came from is completely devoid of something useful that can serve us going forward. Figuring out this part of our lives is where the searching and finding ourselves comes in.

We may have many cycles of searching, finding, and breaking through different energy patterns in our lives. As we have more and more of those breakthroughs we start to realize we aren't so beholden to a life of simply surviving and it might be possible to actually create our lives the way we want them. Energetically we are always creating our lives in a certain way based on the beliefs we hold and the actions that come from those beliefs, but it's often happening on a subconscious level. We aren't aware that the energy we are putting out is bringing energy back to us as well. That energy isn't about good or bad, but more about awareness of what is happening and starting to bring into our consciousness how we operate in our lives, why we operate like that, and how we might want to shift towards something different for ourselves. We might want to create our lives in ways that support and sustain us rather than keep us in unaware patterns that no longer serve our best interests.

"Where your attention goes, energy flows." Tony Robbins (self-help 'guru') and others have shared this concept in different ways. It brings us back to the glass and whether you think of it as half empty or half full. If we look at that more closely, either could be a positive or a negative take. Maybe half empty means that you're halfway to the completion of a goal and once it's empty there's room to fill it up again and start on something else. Conversely, if the glass always feels half full, maybe you're always striving for something that feels like you never get to or never gets done. Being full might feel like overwhelm rather than optimism. See how our perspective can go either way? The energy flow will follow wherever our attention is focused.

So, what does this mean exactly? Does it mean that we have to always stay positive and not ever have a negative thought or emotion? Does it mean our bad days just ruin everything and no matter how hard we try it's all just hopeless anyway? We can certainly feel like this sometimes, right? Let's come back to that part about awareness. Being aware of how we're actually feeling - physically, emotionally, energetically, gives us a big leg up on how we choose to proceed. If we're not aware of what's going on in our energetic field then it is just operating and having an effect whether we want it to or not. The more we are able to become aware of what is actually going on at any given moment, the more we are able to make a choice about it, address it, release it, shift it, or let it be. Awareness gives us the freedom of real choice and decision. The power of our decision is a huge step towards having our lives the way we want them and becoming who we truly are meant to be.

What are some energetic patterns you've noticed that might come from a survival strategy? Is it still serving you or is it creating unwanted results in your life? How can you become more aware of your own energy patterns and find the freedom of choice and decision to shift that energy? Remember, where your attention flows. Take some time this week to feel into what that means for you in your life. See if you can notice how you're actually feeling in your body, your heart, your mind, your energy and bring your full awareness to it. Then you can decide how to proceed from there. There really are endless possibilities when we're in the flow of creating our lives, not just surviving them.

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