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Finding What YOU Need

Nothing is "one size fits all" because we are all completely different and are in different stages of life, of personal development and spiritual growth.

Every human being is completely unique. Like snowflakes, there are no two of us exactly alike. We are, of course, similar in some ways, like each of us has genetic inheritance, a heart that beats, and other physical functions that give us life and keep us living. We also all have thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and that somewhat mysterious piece of us we call our soul. We're born with different variations of all of these elements that make up who we are, and discovering how to use our special combination of them to live our lives is a key part of what being here is all about.

We make choices as we go through life about how we want to spend our time, including what we do for work, what we do for fun, how we take care of ourselves and many other things. When we have these decisions to make, it is important to remember our uniqueness so that we can seek out and find the right fit for who we are and what stage of life we're in at any given moment. Many of us have internal messages about what we have to or should do that aren't always in sync with who we are or what we need right now. We also get external messages that can foster doubt in what we know about ourselves and pull us off course from the direction we need to go. These messages are all part of the journey. We may be on a path for a long time that isn't in alignment with our true selves, or seems to go against the grain of our inner knowing, but there are usually lessons to be learned on that path that eventually bring clarity and we get back on track.

Throughout our journey, we also have relationships with different people...teachers, mentors, friends, loved ones, and others. These connections can be part of our functioning well in the world, guiding us, supporting us and informing our direction. They can also sometimes be a hinderance and get in our way of staying connected to our true selves, leading us astray. When that happens, life can feel like one big cosmic experiment that we have no control over. But it can also show us what we don't want, and head us in a clearer direction. Learning to trust our internal guidance and finding the people, ideas, and support to forward our personal growth and development can be a journey in itself, but when we find what works, it can make all the difference.

The external world will often times try to convince us that this one particular thing is "the best", or if you do one this or that thing, all your problems will be solved. What may be the best way for one person is not necessarily the best for another. In fact, it may even be the worst way for another person, depending on their circumstances, their stage of life, and where they're at in their personal journey. What's needed can sometimes be relevant to an entire group of people, but even how each individual within that group perceives it and uses it will be different than anyone else. As you seek information and assistance for personal development, healing, and overall wellness, remember that your uniqueness matters, who YOU ARE matters, where you're at right now, matters. You don't need to be any different than how you are at this moment, and you are always moving forward on your journey, even when it doesn't seem like it.

Can you remember a time that you felt stuck or in a hard place and later realized you learned something from that experience? Can you remember a person who saw and accepted you as you are, who you felt supported by and helped you move in a direction that aligned with your true self? Take some time this week to check in with yourself, notice where you're at right now in this moment in life, this point in your journey. See if you can appreciate all that got you here, the hard things and the good things, and consider moving forward from right here, right now, knowing that you are completely unique, completely you, and trust that the universe will provide you with what you need along the way.

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