The beginning of any new year is an opportunity to strengthen our resolve for making our lives the way we want them. A time to set and reset our intentions and move forward from this point in time. It’s a chance to say goodbye to negative sentiments and difficulties of the previous year and go forth with renewed energy.

Hopefully we’ve had a chance at some point recently to reflect on how the year went, not just on the hardships and difficulties, but on the joys and successes as well. Many of us just want to say “good riddance!” and never look back.

But for all the things that were hard, what were the lessons that we learned from those situations? What were our “take aways”? Did they make clear to us any changes that we want or need to make to keep going forward?

No matter the difficulties, we can always take a moment to notice what did go well, what we’re grateful for, and what successes we had.

In this part of the world, the new year starts in the middle of winter.

Winter is a time for hibernation in the natural world around us, a slower, more restful time when plants and animals find refuge, store up during the colder months and conserve their energy. If we take our cues from nature, we can be resting a bit more also and letting our ideas and visions get well-rooted so they become more clear to us. It’s a great time to commit anew to your intentions and nurture daily habits of support and groundedness, building a base to spring from. A time to take small, consistent actions that keep momentum going and keep you moving towards your goals.

Of course, we never actually have to wait for the New Year to take the time to reflect and cultivate a positive perspective. We can do this anytime and if we incorporate a regular gratitude, reflection and intention practice in our lives, we may find ourselves better equipped to handle any of those difficulties that will inevitably come along.

So, go ahead...say goodbye, for good, to those pesky notions that no longer serve you and let them go, welcoming in the first week of this New Year with strong intention, grounded spirit and a clear vision of what’s possible!

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