I Am Enough...Right Now, As Is

We may have heard this phrase, "You are enough" many times, but weren't able to let it sink in, or we immediately think, "yes, but..." What if you really are enough, just as you are, right now?

When we take on any kind of self development work for ourselves that involves a new perspective that pushes us up against our limits, it can be useful to first acknowledge where we are at right now, and that where we are at right now is just fine. It is a bold and courageous endeavor to take on personal growth, and it's important to acknowledge that as well. Oftentimes when we take on something new to "improve" ourselves, we are starting from a place of feeling like we aren't enough already, like there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed. Some of us have even had major traumas happen to us that left us feeling "broken". What was true about us when we were born, our inherent goodness of soul and connection to Source and the Universe cannot be taken from us. We may lose our awareness of that connection but it is always with us, and when we endeavor to expand it is there to guide us.

Much of the work that goes along with personal development will bring things like negative feelings or experiences that we had forgotten or ignored to the surface and back to our conscious awareness. This can happen if we're pushing our limits in a sport or learning to meditate. It can seem like because these thoughts and feelings come to the surface that we are not doing something right, or that we can't follow through on what we set out to do for ourselves. The complete opposite is true. Facing those struggles is part of the growth process and can actually be embraced as a good sign, even though it might not feel so great.

We can also get stuck feeling bad and replaying old messages that tell us, "I knew this wouldn't work", "I'm just not able to do this", "I'm not good enough", etc. When these voices get too loud, we need something to pull us back to the present perspective. This is exactly the reason it is a good idea to do some preliminary acknowledgement that "I am enough right now, even if nothing changes". Not only are we enough, we all have natural strengths and beauty that are inherently and uniquely us and noticing and appreciating them is the perfect place to start.

Take some time this week to consider that you ARE enough right now. What are your unique strengths? If there is a new adventure in self development that you're embarking on, see if you can find this starting place and come back to it whenever those old voices come up. Repeat it to yourself, "I am enough". It can also help to write it down somewhere, including your strengths, so you can be reminded of it regularly.

Photo Credit: Artem Maltsev

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