Leaning in to the Heart's Desire

How do we tune in to what we are truly passionate about in our lives? Sometimes we have to get past the "shoulds" and "have tos" in order to even be clear about what we want and how we want to get there. The Universe is completely supportive to us living our best, most passionate and purposeful life. When we do this, it contributes to the expansion of the whole, where everything is expanding and balancing all the time.

Passion is fun and carefree, and it can be nurtured through decision, action, self-reflection, and letting go. Decision is a big part of living our fullest lives. It's a necessary first step to decide what to do, not just want it and hope that it happens. We have to really decide and then put our full intention behind it. Next, we must take action. When we take action towards our soul's passionate purpose, the Universe will support and guide us here as well. Learning to listen to our intuition connects us to that energy and helps us clarify what action to take. Lastly comes letting go, and this may be the most difficult part for many of us, as our ego wants to be acknowledged and rewarded for our efforts, and that can oftentimes interfere with our clarity. In yoga philosophy there is the concept of Kriya Yoga, which is the Yoga of Action. It goes, "tapah, svadyaya, isvarapranidhana", which most simply translated means, "effort, self-reflection, letting go/surrending". The final part referring to letting go of the desired results of our actions and trusting that the Universe will do what's best for us with our efforts. We can use the self-reflection part to check in with ourselves and our internal guidance to keep learning from our efforts, and tweaking our decisions as needed.

Most of us have ideas about what we should be doing or have to be doing in order for what we want to come to fruition. When we come from this perspective, we might not be including what we actually want. We may consider personal want last on the list because it doesn't seem like that's what's needed to survive. When we are pushing too hard from the ego's agenda, and pushing away our heart's desires, it can create an energy of lack, and keep us stuck there. Creating space for ourselves with daily practices like meditation, yoga, journaling, etc. where we can find awareness to tune in and let go can have impactful results. Discovering how to move out of a have to or survival mindset can be a very powerful way to move towards the lives we're truly meant to have. We might even consider that we don't just need to survive, but that we could thrive in our lives, and co-create them with the Universe backing us completely.

What are the shoulds and have tos in your life? Take a moment to reflect on which ones really have to be done. Maybe add a little twist to how you do them to tweak your perspective. We do have to take responsibility for things in our lives and make sure certain things happen, but are your passions taking a back seat to what must get done? Might you consider the idea that there is enough room for all of it?

This week, try finding a time and space each day, just for you, for some quiet reflection. Find stillness and connect to your breath, noticing the physical rise and fall of it. Connect with it from the inside out and feel your breath filling you up and then letting it go. Ask the question (3 times): "What is my heart's desire?" and then breath into the question, letting it fill you up on each inhale, and letting go of any attempt to answer it with each exhale. "Listen" with your body and breath, away from the busy-ness of your mind, trusting that the Universe will guide you to the answer.

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