Let's Play!

Having fun and being playful are integral parts of being fully human. We often associate the joys of playfulness and unabandon to childlike behaviors because as children we don't have the same responsibilities we have as adults. Playing is how young people interact with the world to learn about things, make friendships, and stay connected to themselves. As we get older, we're encouraged to give up those "childish" ways, and our lives can start to feel heavier as we take on roles and responsibilities that come with added stress. Of course, we need to be responsible for ourselves as adults, but maybe that could be joyful too. Many people who have children of their own are reminded of the delight and pure joy that young ones emit, and it can have a profound affect on parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, anyone that's gets to be around it. But what if we didn't have to rely on children to remind us?

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