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Living Day by Day

It's useful to plan, to prepare, and to schedule to keep our lives organized, but within that daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar, it can also be very beneficial to pause and reflect each day so that we stay in flow with the Universe and aware of the direction we're heading.

Taking time for stillness, for reflection, for internal awareness on a daily basis can be one way to keep balance and sustained wellness in our lives. It can be especially useful during any kind of changes in our lives, like seasonal changes, work changes, familial changes. Checking in with ourselves each day, even if just for a few minutes, can have a big impact on how we manage our days, particularly when our external worlds are in flux.

There are many different ways to check in with ourselves, and we can explore them all to see which ones might work best for us. We may also mix them up in different combinations, depending on our needs on any given day. Many of us find that having a daily ritual or practice of some kind provides a consistency that we can lean on and look forward to. We don't want this to feel like a chore or just another thing that's taking up our time, so experimenting with what really works for us is important. And if turns out that not doing the exact same thing each day is what's needed, then we can lean into that and try a few ideas in different combinations...whatever works for us is just right.

Here are just a few suggestions: