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Nature’s Energy

As the leaves find their unique shades of green, the flowers start to bloom, and the plants and trees start bearing fruit, we may also be feeling the energetic pull of this strong seasonal shift. Any change can sometimes throw us off, but if we find ways to embrace the transitional energy while staying balanced, we can bear our own fruit from nurtured and newly blossomed ideas and desires.

This time of year is just one part of nature's complete yearly cycle...starting in early Spring when the tender new growth starts to show, then flowering and blossoming in late Spring when nature starts to bear fruit and continues to do so throughout the Summer, while putting it's full energy into the blessings of the Fall harvest, then slowing down again to take a break through the Winter, as it replenishes for the next Spring.

As humans, we are part of nature and part of these natural cycles, but we may not always feel like we are in sync with them which may make them seem difficult to move through. In Spring the natural world is very plants popping up everywhere, new animals being born, new life coming into being all around us. This may make us feel very energetic as well, excited and ready to get out, jump into things, and get things done. It may also feel a little "out of control" as temperatures and weather patterns fluctuate, birds migrate through different habitats, and nature slowly but surely settles in towards the more steady flow of Summer. If we take some time to follow nature's lead, we might work on "building our nest" by doing a Spring cleaning and organizing our living space. Or we might plant some of our own seeds into the ground or a pot, to feel the grounding energy of the earth. Just as these things happen in nature, we can do them as well to keep ourselves balanced and supported while we follow our desires and passions with zest and gusto.

So, take some moments for yourself in the coming days and weeks. Try embracing the energy this season's changes are bringing with it, while finding activities to hold you in a place of grounding and balance. What are some things you can do to maintain balance while using Spring's energy to move forward? By getting in sync with nature's cycles you might just make this and future transitions work in your favor, welcoming in the next one with grace and sureness.

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