• Marcia Woodfield

Navigating Change with Nature's Wisdom

It's not quite yet officially Spring, but we are starting to notice the changes as the natural world around us begins building up the energy to sprout, blossom, bloom, and grow.

Any change in our lives can bring with it the potential to throw us off balance a little bit or a lot, but we might find some guiding wisdom from nature to help us stay aware, connected, and in our own flow.

During the Winter months, Mother Nature takes a break, slows down, and stores up energy for the next period of rebirth. Following her cues, we also have the opportunity to slow down a bit, reflect, contemplate, be inside (literally) and look inside ourselves. We too can nourish ourselves with self care, making sure our home base feels stable and sustaining. As we inch toward longer days and a little warmer weather, things are starting to percolate under the surface and we may be percolating too. It's a great time to pause for a moment to reflect on where we're at and try not to rush right into the upcoming cycle. All change of seasons are opportunities to notice the power of change and the insights of growth, a time to connect with nature and let it guide us into the new season and the next steps in our lives.

Connecting to the natural energy of Spring, we start to feel ready to push up and burst out like a fresh crocus. But we might want to pull back just a touch and find the patience to let that energy continue to build and vibrate a little longer. Consider taking these next few weeks to get really grounded, even if it feels like you're ready to burst. Staying present and finding gratitude for the time that Winter gives us to take a rest, we can appreciate the cycles of change, growth and rebirth. If we continue to nourish ourselves and our ideas right now, they will come to fruition in due time.

What are some ways you stay balanced during periods of change? Take time this week to notice the places you feel ready to move forward in your life and step into your next cycle of personal growth. What might you still need to spend some time doing so that you feel solid and grounded enough to burst into full bloom when it is time?

Photo credit: Biegun Wschodni

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