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Nourishing for Rebirth

Whether we're fully aware of it or not, we are continuously going through cycles in our lives, just like the cycles that are happening in the natural world around us. Right now in the Northern Hemisphere, we're in the second half of the Winter cycle - the season of rest and rejuvenation - and steadily heading towards Spring - the season of rebirth.

Like an embryo in a mother's womb, things are starting to happen below the surface in the natural world, moving from a state of hibernation to a state of building up the energy to create new life after an extended period of rest. Hopefully, even if you stay active during the winter, you have found some time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate over these colder months. This is the time of year when we can start to nurture our plans and ideas for the coming year even more. They can start to grow from just ideas to ideas that have some action steps connected to them in order to start giving them and ourselves the nutrients and nourishment needed to slowly get ready to sprout as we move into Spring. Over the winter there was time to ponder, stew, and imagine. Now we want to make sure what we want for ourselves and the world - what we're dreaming about and hoping for - is actually grounded, has good roots and footing and the attention needed to stay that way as we start to take more action on our intentions.

When the calendar turned to January 1st, what were some ideas you had about what you wanted this year? Now is a great time to revisit your intentions, decide which ones are necessary, which ones really light you up, and which ones were just a whim that you're no longer really interested in. It's time to assess what you still want to move forward with and what areas might need extra support or attention in order to stay the course. It's perfectly fine, and even necessary to let things go too, start clearing out any debris that has settled on top. Like dried leaves on the lawn that can be thrown away in the trash bin, or mulched to provide nutrients to the soil, we can let go of something completely or we might find new perspective on old ideas and use it to nourish our next steps.

If we look at these cycles in our lives on a deeper level, we may notice that some things in our lives seem to repeat themselves over and over, like we're stuck and can't seem to move out of a particular pattern or into a long held desire. We can decide to look at and clear out any of our stuck places any time, but flowing with the cycles of the natural world and taking some time to put our attention there now may provide the energy and perspective needed to let go, break through, and manifest what we want. Maybe we're already in a cycle of clearing something out and we can use this time to clear out a little bit more. Some cycles in our lives last years and it can be difficult to feel the movement or progress that's happening. We may only see that progress when looking back on it later, after all is said and done. Growth, expansion, rest, and rebirth are happening all the time. They don't necessarily need our attention, but it can be much more empowering for us to become aware of what's happening, to connect with the guidance of the Universe at large and be led by it's flow, rather than just flailing around or unconsciously creating resistance and working against it.

What are some things you're intending to manifest in the next week, month, year, or 5 years? How might you use the cycles of nature to guide you as you nurture those intentions? What deep seeded patterns need some clearing in order to move forward on your true desires?

Take some time this week to feel into the current seasonal cycle and imagine how you might connect your daily life and actions to it, bringing some new awareness to your intentions and manifestations during this cycle of nourishing for rebirth.

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