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One Flower in the Bouquet

Imagine what a bouquet of the entire world's population would look like. Beautiful right? Each of us bringing our unique beauty to the whole to make something very special. We often forget that there is only one of us in this moment of time in all the Universe, and that what we bring to the world is part of a larger "bouquet", even if we can't see the design in it's entirety.

If you take out one flower in a well designed bouquet, it leaves a hole, a space that throws the whole thing out of balance. The design of the Universe includes each of us and we each fill an intended space in it's bouquet. The bouquet may be like a garden where the different flowers are food for pollinators, like bees and butterflies. Some flowers have thorns, some overly sweet odors and others no odor at all. Some are grandious like a magnolia or lily and others are tiny like a holly blossom. It takes all kinds of blossoms and blooms to fill the natural bouquet of the world with balanced beauty and purpose. It takes each of us with our individual beauty and purpose to bring balance to the grand design of the Universe.

What is my unique beauty and purpose? What do I contribute to the bouquet? Does a flower ask these questions? Like all things in nature, a flower just is and does what it's meant to be and do. It goes through it's seasonal cycles to express itself fully in all it's glory, letting it's beauty show without any apologies for the thorns it might have or if it's odor is too strong. Of course, it may have hardships as well. It may have to weather storms, or drought, or creatures that feed on it. It may have to adapt to interruption from other creatures. As humans, we have hardships and interruptions to deal with too that often pull us away from knowing or remembering our own beauty and purpose. We get interfered with in just being who we are and doing what we are meant to do.

Like the flowers and plants in nature, we each need different environments to thrive. Some can express themselves very well in a desert climate, others need rich, moist soil to have any chance at all. We may end up in a place that is too shady for us to fully bloom or a path that doesn't have the nourishment we need to support our growth. We may need to uproot and find a new field or garden to plant ourselves in where we can flourish.

Take some time this week to notice your own unique beauty and what you bring to the bouquet of the world. Are you in an environment that nourishes your growth and full, unapologetic expression? Or do you need richer soil, more sunlight? Maybe you're oversaturated by something and need some space by yourself to reflect and "dry out" a little bit. Whatever you need to do to do see and express the unique beauty and purpose you contribute, let it shine...the world needs YOUR glory.

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