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Perspective & Acceptance

We don't know until we know. Accepting ourselves and others where we're at right now is a powerful act of love and sometimes even a small shift in perspective can have big effects on our understanding.

Each of us is on a journey, whether we're consciously aware of it or not. It's a journey of growth and understanding, guided by the Universe, to explore, discover and move forward on our path. Figuring out what that path is is not a straight line and we are each in different places along that path, while still being connected as part of the whole. Being kind to ourselves and others about where we're at in any given moment can be a powerful and loving measure to assist us and those around us on the journey.

Wherever we're at in our own personal discovery, it's useful to remember that we are each where we're meant to be right now to learn the lessons we need to learn. Opportunities will consistently present themselves to us, and being present and in tune with our internal and intuitive voices can keep us pointed in the right direction. The trick is to not jump too far ahead in our minds with expectations of how our path will unfold. We may have an idea about what we want, what we want it to look like, but we don't actually know what it will look like. It's important to stay focused on our intentions while at the same time learning to let go and trust in the flow of the Universe and our place in it.

Have you ever thought you understood something and then at some point you learned something new about it, shifting your perspective and allowing you to see it differently? We might not know what will open up for us or give us new understanding about something we thought we knew or something that eluded us until the moment it becomes clear. That clarity may be because we heard it explained in a new way that finally makes sense to us, or because we were finally ready to hear it and understand it now, but weren't ready to before. It can open up a way of seeing things not previously considered, and can often be just a slight shift to move out of a seemingly tight or stuck place. Whatever the reason and however it happens, our perspective changes and we move forward from there.

Outside of our personal journey, every other human being is on their journey as well. Accepting that each of us is where we have to be on our path, doing our best given whatever circumstances life has offered to us is a powerful perspective to consider and an act of love. We may not agree with the actions of certain people as they make their way in the world, and sometimes those actions may affect us personally or society as a whole in a negative way. But they are still part of the bigger picture, part of what needs to be worked out or worked through that may feel hard to understand. It might be part of our journey to take action in response to someone else's actions, or it might not be. It might be part of our journey to offer assistance to someone who is struggling through theirs, or it might not be. It may be part of our journey to accept support from others to get us through, or we might need to work it out on our own for a bit. Problems and struggles that arise in our lives can be seen as opportunities and we get to work out what those might be. Sometimes we can't see them in the moment and only later understand the insights to be gained, and that's ok. Being able to practice self-reflection in a consistent way will keep us aware of those insights and lead us to next steps.

Whatever our part is, whatever our perspective, doing our best to stay connected through our hearts and minds, keeps us on solid ground to decide what course of action, or inaction, is right for us at any given time. This applies not only to others, but to ourselves as well, and ultimately has to start there, with loving and accepting ourselves right where we are right now.

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