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Throughout the year, nourishing our roots and staying grounded is important for maintaining balance and overall well-being in our lives, but during the winter we have a natural opportunity to put more focus on strengthening and sustaining our roots.

(Photo by Jeremy Bishop)

As temperatures turn colder in the Northern Hemisphere, many places have already seen snow, while in other places, the trees are still losing their leaves, preparing for the Winter season. The cycle of water and nutrients to the upper parts of the trees are on hold, signaling the roots to take a break, focus on staying grounded, and hang on to their own sustenance for awhile until the weather warms up again.

During this time of year, nature is signaling for us to take a break, focus our energies within, and give time and attention to our roots as well. Nourishing our own roots gives us strong support and a sturdy base from which to go out into the world in whatever ways we desire. Giving outwardly cannot be a constant cycle, as we need time to nourish ourselves and replenish our own "nutrients". With that grounding in place in our own lives, we are able to support others.

There are many ways in which we are "rooted". We're rooted in tradition, family ties, and friendships. We're rooted in the places we live, in stories, and in each other's hearts. Those roots help us stay connected to ourselves when they are formed through love, compassion and understanding. It's not always the case that we are rooted in those supp