The Glory of Small Steps

Showing up each day, even when we don't feel like it is not always easy and usually takes some practice to do consistently. It's about learning and remembering that showing up, taking small steps for ourselves and others, matters. Whether we manifest something quickly or it takes more time, there are usually consistent steps that have happened prior to it's realization. Sometimes consistent small steps over a period of time will suddenly shift into rapid manifestation and other times we may start out with a lot of momentum, only to realize that something is going to take longer than we expected, and we just need to keep taking the small steps on a regular basis to see it through to fruition.

Waiting for the right moment or right time, needing to get it perfect before even trying, or putting things off until we feel inspired are all ways to not even start and can keep us in a loop of unrealized desires. Of course, there are positive aspects to good timing, getting something just right and feeling into the flow of inspiration. The trick is to be in the game, so to speak by taking small actions consistently, recognizing and following the bigger shifts when they happen, and building on our own momentum. Julia Cameron, the creator of "The Artist's Way" and author of many other books about creativity, reminds us, "Once we are willing to accept that anything worth doing might be worth doing badly, our options widen." Sometimes there are things we need to learn and understand to achieve the intention we've set but we don't even know fully what those lessons are. We need to take the regular smaller steps towards our intention and gather what we need along the way. Mistakes and doing things "badly" can feel like big set backs, but can oftentimes actually show us something more clearly, or rule out a particular direction we were headed. These kinds of insights can even propel us forward more quickly, but if we aren't willing to try and fail we may never be shown what we need to see.

Like an athlete who shows up for training regularly in order to build their skills and muscles in order to play their best on game day, the "glory" of our actions is generally a shorter moment in time than the consistent attention we need to give to our pursuits to achieve that glory. Having something manifest through our consistent efforts, and staying the course through the ups and downs is indeed glorious. And once we've completed that goal, or manifested that desire, we often see what we want to go towards next. Yes, it's a bit cliche, but all of it is ultimately about the journey itself. The desires, goals and achievements we manifest are important and glorious, but as we get to them, we realize there is always more to discover. We see the next steps to take on our journey and that one particular achievement is now included in the steps we're taking, paving the way for us to be able to take the next small step towards the next thing as we continue on our path.

It can also be useful to remember that, like the natural world around us, our lives can go in cycles of growth, completion, death, rest, and rebirth. Depending on where we are at in the cycle of any particular manifestation may require different energy. Starting out with an idea that is ruminating beneath the surface that needs regular care and attention in order to sprout. Then continuing to nourish and feed that sprout to continue it's growth. Some manifestations last for years, some for a few days, and others for a lifetime. Even those that last a lifetime, like a good marriage, need to be tended to, can go in cycles of ups and downs, and have precious gifts of learning and exploration to be found in them.

What is something you've been wanting to manifest, but find it hard to start or get started and find hard to stick with? Can you imagine doing one small step every day for a week? Or for a month? Or for a year? Staying open to what unknown possibilities await can be terrifying for some or exciting to others, but no matter where you fall on the scale between them, taking the small consistent steps and staying aware of where they're taking you can be a truly glorious prospect.

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