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The Peace and Power of "Home"

A physical space and sense of place is a good starting point for making the foundations of home. Making internal foundations within ourselves is important as well, giving us the grounding to be "at home" anywhere and stay rooted and balanced in our own innate power.

There are many quotes about home, like...

"Home is where the heart is"

"There's no place like home"

"Mi casa es su casa"

There is a range of ideas about what home is and our relationship to it, some of which include creating home in a physical space, creating home with loved ones, leaving home, coming home, home as a place, home as a feeling. All of these ideas, thoughts and concepts about home are important as they help us feel connected, grounded and secure. Some of us start out with very strong foundations of home, literally and figuratively, and eventually go out into the world to find and make relationships that expand our roots. Others of us may not start out with a solid home base, but as we go out into the world, we find those of like-mind, build trust, and make relationships that become home for us. However we understand that sense of home for ourselves, it is a vital part of how we function in the world and it is essential that we take care in how we create it.

Our sense of place can be very powerful and creating a physical space to be sheltered, rest well, and nourish ourselves well is extremely important in maintaining our overall well-being. We also need space, sometimes provided to us by others, where we know we can be ourselves completely, not be judged and be accepted. This is a space of "home". We can do a lot with this acceptance from others to mold our surroundings and make our lives strong and sturdy. Beyond that, beyond what we depend on others to give us through their love and friendship, is the place within us that is home. It's the internal base we build when we learn to cultivate self-love, self-acceptance, self-care, self-nurturing, and once we are connected to it we can access it and rely on it as a place from which to create sustainable lives that are not so easily disrupted by external changes.

Knowing "home" within yourself is knowing yourself, knowing what you're truly capable of, and accepting all of yourself. It's also knowing that you are completely supported by the Universe and are a crucial part of it's whole. Because things outside of us are constantly pulling at us through societal norms, judgements, and reproach, it can be difficult to build our own foundations in the midst of the external world. Our experiences, the difficulties as well as the successes, pave the way for us to keep building, keep learning, and keep moving forward. It's useful to have regular practices of self-reflection, self-appreciation, and gratitude to stay rooted in ourselves and to keep expanding out into the world without losing our footing along the way.

photo credit: Leah Bohm

Take a few moments each day to sit quietly, without any distractions, and see if you can find where "home" lives in you...where the solid, rooted part of you feels the most grounded. You may find grounding in your core, just below the naval, or balance and calm in your heart center, maybe another place, maybe more than one. Focus on that place for a few minutes each day, knowing that you are fully supported in your dreams and desires by the Universe and that you can go forth from that place. With regular practice (sometimes guided practice can be useful as well), you will come to know that place for yourself, that place you can go out into the world, confident, loving, bold, grounded in peace and power...that place inside you that is home.

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