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Time of Transition

As the leaves change color and the natural world is transitioning to prepare for the shorter and colder days ahead, so too are we in a time of transition.

This time of year is just one part of nature’s complete yearly cycle… from tender, new growth in the Spring, reaching the peak of strength, stability, and expression in the summer months, to showing its dormant colors ever so briefly yet vibrantly in Autumn before slowing way down and retreating, to internally protect against the cold Winter months, while preserving the nutrients and energy needed for next Spring’s growth.

As humans, we are part of nature and part of these natural cycles, but we may not always feel like we are in sync with them which may make them seem difficult to move through. We might be experiencing some resistance in ourselves to making the shift from the warm, active Summer energy to the cooler, shorter days of Autumn, a time when it's extra important to maintain balance within ourselves. If we take a moment to follow nature’s lead, let ourselves slow down a little bit and direct our focus internally, we may just find the groundedness we need for those transitions to go a bit more smoothly. We might even consider finding ways to set up our lives so that as each new season inevitably arrives, we are able to move with it and its inherent energy and use that to our advantage to maintain stability in our lives, rather than feeling like we’re being thrown off balance.

Taking our cues from nature, we can use this time now to focus and prepare, letting go of things we no longer need or that are draining our energy, reflect and build up our base through the winter, and prepare to sprout fresh, new ideas and endeavors in the Spring that we can nurture and grow to full fruition in the Summer.

So, take some moments for yourself in the coming days and weeks. Try embracing the energy that this season’s changes are bringing with it, and see if you can make this and future transitions work in your favor. You may just find you’ll be welcoming the next one rather than fighting against it!

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