Trusting Our Intuition

Intuition may seem like something bestowed only on special souls who somehow, for some reason have deeper and more connected insight than the rest of us. Some of us are able to stay more connected to and aware of our intuitive powers, but intuition is our inherent connection to the Universe and we can all access it once we learn how. Learning to trust it is a big first step of bringing more awareness to it and staying in it's flow.

We all have intuition. Sometimes we use it without even being aware of it and it leads us in good directions. Becoming aware of it and trusting in it fully can lead us in even more powerful ways in all aspects of our lives. For some of us, trusting our intuition comes more naturally than for others. We might be well acquainted with the “gut feeling” we get when we know something isn’t quite right. Or we might be really good at following those ideas we get that seem to come out of nowhere and become the beginning of something great we weren’t expecting. Whether we’re fully aware of what’s happening or not, our intuition is always there, directing us.

One way to think of intuition is that it’s the Universe’s way of communicating with us and through us. The grand mystery of the larger Universe is not meant to be figured out per se, but we can be in communication with its guidance through our intuition and by following that intuition continue to be led to our higher and truer selves. That communication isn’t just about us individually either. We are an integral part of the whole in the ever expanding Universe, so following our intuitive guidance may have an affect on others lives as well. It’s not for us to decide or judge the outcome, only to trust and see where it leads us.

How do we start to bring more awareness to our inherent intuitive abilities? There are many different ways our intuition can show up. It might come through as a thought, or a feeling, or a color, or a sensation. The trick is to not overthink it when it shows up, but to follow the direction it’s leading us and see what happens. Have you ever had a thought, but not followed it, only to realize later that it was spot on? We often fall into the trap of

rationalizing our intuition right out the door. We might have a thought or a feeling that we can’t “make sense of", so we ignore it or follow what we decide is a more sensible or rational path. This is where the learning to trust comes in. Many of us are trained to follow our “rational“ thinking or our ego and will second guess ourselves out of our intuitive flow every time. Learning to trust intuition comes like many other things in life…through practice. And that practice has to include taking chances on things that might not seem to make any sense to us.

The inherent energy of intuition is faster than the our thought processes. Even though we can often think very quickly, energy is quicker. That's what intuition is-it’s energy. It may come to us or through us in different ways and when it does it’s tapping into the more subtle energetic channels in our physical bodies. Our bodies have all kinds of functions we need to fully operate in the world, but the Universe doesn’t have those same constraints. Its power can flow through everything energetically and that’s how it communicates it’s guidance through us as well. Learning to tap into and become aware of our subtle energetic pathways can tune us into our intuition more deeply.

What are some ways you already feel connected to your intuitive guidance? What are some ways you could trust in its flow more often? What doubts and fears come up when you have the opportunity to follow your intuition but don’t quite trust it? Pay attention this week to thoughts or feelings that seem to just arise from you and see if you can try following where they’re leading you. You just might be led somewhere wonderful that you couldn’t even imagine without listening to and following the flow of your own intuition.

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